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Hey i am looking for someone to develop a website for affiliate marketing where people can sign up into a system.
I want it to be an all in one product where i as admin can see everyone. there will have both influencers that will promote for brands and brands themselves register and have a dashboard with how much they have earned.
I would also need something that generates links for each influencer. and also a way to categorize everything so that it is easier for both the influencer and brand to find each other.
They would be paid through how much sales they were able to bring so there would also need to be something that is able to track sales and calculate everything.
The main thing i want is so that the website itself seems easy to use and the onboarding process for both the influencer and brand is easy and takes max 5 minutes.
the budget is very open so let me know what you want as your budget ( be reasonable)
Posted On: April 01, 2023 23:13 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Development, Database Design, Web Application, Web Design, JavaScript, HTML, Adaptive Web Design, App Development, Database Administration, Database Architecture

Country: Czech Republic

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