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AI Based Custom Plugin Requirements/Vision WordPress
1. one click user login with google / facebook account or 2 clicks login with Sms
customised "my offers page"
• user private details & affiliate link
• User redeemable points from Orders and affiliate sales
• next order gift
• Reorder last order with 10% off
• last Viewed Products
24 hours only – Personalaized offers & bundels
• wish list
product Page adjustments
• Personalized Sale price
• add To wishlist button
• Personalized cross- Sale bundel as a variation
• Personalized "you may be also interested in" cross-sale
• 24 hours only Personalized offers & bundels carusal
• post atc upsell popup
cart page adjustments
• add " next order gift " button
• custom add redeemable Points option
• 24 hours only Personalized offers & bundels carusal
check out Page adjustments
• custom addedit redeemable Points option
• last chance Personalized upsell popup (Post Proceed to Payment button)
user Session data:
the plugin will track all of He user's Sessions for Viewed categories and Viewed Products, and to cart clicks, upsell engagement and overall products orders and orders value
the Data Will be organized by those lists for each User:
• Products Viewed once Per Session
• Products Viewed more than once Per Session
• Products added to cart Per Session
• Products added to Wishlist Per Session
• Products Purchased Per Session
• Products Viewed but not Purchased by last 3 sessions
• Products added To cart but not Purchased by last 3 sessions
• most Viewed categories by last 3 Sessions
• user engagement rate with Popups & Carusels by all Time
• user average order value
• User Order frequency by all time
Posted On: April 26, 2023 10:30 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:Website Customization, WordPress Plugin, Vue.js, JavaScript, LearnDash, CSS, WordPress, WooCommerce, Node.js, Ecommerce Platform Development, Elementor, API, React, Gravity Forms, Bootstrap

Country: Pakistan

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