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Gambling Development

-We are currently in the middle of developing an online poker app
which will be hosted on our own launcher.
-We are using UE 4.27 (currently blueprints only but we're looking to expand into c++).
-A full and comprehensive document explaining the online multiplayer framework / architecture for organizing our source code.
-This framework should include: explanations , diagrams , guide lines , payments gateways, lobby, and just general dos and don’ts for hosting an online gambling game
-Expected budget to set up the server, maintenance.
-Target number of player less than a 1000
-Cost-effective methods only, we are on budget and looking for the sweet spot between quality and price, therefore we would like to know if it's a better to use a third party service (such as Nakama or GameServers.com) or build the entire multiplayer framework from scratch
Please Note:
We require your consultancy services for this task we are only interested in the architecture of the source code , and not the actual programming. We will use your consultancy as a guidance for developing our multiplayer systems.
First step would be to schedule a 30-minute kick-off call to start things smoothly. Let us know when's a good time for you.
Best Regards
Hourly Range: $50.00-$150.00

Posted On: April 26, 2023 08:18 UTC
Category: Video Game Development
Skills:Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Game Consultation, Business with 10-99 Employees, Online Multiplayer, Unreal Engine

Country: Lebanon

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