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Affiliate Dev

This job consists of the creation of a new simple Shopify site based around the free theme called Taste. Here is the demo store of the theme:
You will be expected to use this theme but copy the menu, pages, layout and functionality of this site: (also a Shopify site with a different theme)
Once the layout, menus, etc are created/copied, I will insert my own pictures, FAQ’s info etc
This job is for a new Kombucha drink shop which will have 2 collections, Kombucha alone & Kombucha with CBD. Each collection consists of 6 different flavours of Kombucha and the same 6 different flavours of Kombucha/CBD. There will be 3 simple things to buy for each collection: a Pack of 6 cans, 1 of each flavour the product will be called the 6 pack taster, this will be a fixed quantity(1) of each flavour and will have a single price for the pack.
In addition, there will be 3 other packs they can buy, a 6 pack, 12 pack and 24 pack. Each of these will be priced differently and the customers will be able to choose any flavour and any quantity of each flavour to make up the pack, they will also be priced at a fixed price.
To achieve this you will use this app:
Here is the demo store for that app:
As you can see they call it a “box”, we will call it a “Pack”, if you look and try that site out each box (pack) is made up of individual products (in our case it will be each individual can flavour of Kombucha or Kombucha/cbd) customers are able to add any product (can) in any quantity up to a maximum amount (until the box (pack) if full. The box/pack in our case will be full after 6,12, or 24 cans have been added in the customers desired flavour and quantity. They will then go on to pay for it in the usual manner
We will also add an affiliate app to the site (already done) and a subscription app (already done) I expect you to integrate these apps into the site as well.
This job is relatively simple as the number of products is very small
Budget: $150

Posted On: April 27, 2023 19:14 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:Shopify, Shopify Templates

Country: United Kingdom

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