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Affiliate Dev

I need your coding skills so I can sell video advertising and a membership service on my dynamically generated site. Also allow Affiliates to sell too. Storefront Theme, Woocommerce installed along with WordPress "Affiliate Manager" plugins.
Videos will be stored in Alibaba so you need assistance from someone who knows how to do that task.
Details: https://7millionjobs.com/wanted-woocommerce-website/
More details online at: https://7millionjobs.com/wanted-woocommerce-website/ Questions about details will require for zoom meetings.
The blue one should bring up the profiles of people in the searched for locations and category but is not functioning correctly yet. Who will repair it?
I wanted a video related plugin and WordPress.org/plugins gave me 52 pages of links. I kinda like this one because it counts the number of videos in each category. It also seems capable of what I require but that needs programming skills I don't have. https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-video-gallery The problem is it offers too many options that may confuse users.
Traffic will purchase time on the server in 15 day slots to upload one minute videos so they appear in some location's gallery on the 7millionjobs.com/testing website. Perhaps under the current images is where you make selections then are taken to the video galleries and playlists. After watching WHAT'S HAPPENING TODAY IN YOUR FAVORITE LOCATION videos a link to purchase our advertising service and a link back to the highway maps is reqired.
After you see the large number of locations involved, you'll understand why these need to be stored in our alibaba servers. I'd love some country counting system showing Admin which countries cost me how much. This would obviously also show which countries need more assistance to at least pay their internet server space bills. YES I have unused domains there already. This function is a Woocommerce "report."
You have to assure all videos are easily uploaded and correctly stored in the alibaba account after payment has been received. Payment options include all of the usuals including crypto. https://mycryptocheckout.com/
You will help create or recommend how I'm to config these in my alibaba account.
1. Traffic will pay to upload short videos (60-63 seconds)
2. videos are put into ONE category they'll select
On this demo page is a tablepress demo mockup design showing how many videos are in each category, so display a counting of them. 7millionjobs.com/video-samples
Traffic clicks onto and completes an upload form linked on counry pages telling about their video and the usual customer info.
Customers have ability to easily delete their videos.
Customers video is for 15 days, and includes BEGIN date and END date so we know when to remove the videos.
looking at https://AnyWebsite.info shows places soon to be added.
Perhaps this map will assist:
More info is at https://www.bing.com/search?q=pan+american+highway
While those maps need to be completed later on another job, I want to focus on opening the 7millionjobs project so it begins serving people AND earning income so you guys can earn higher income. Remember, many people talk the talk. My friends you see in the PDF will fund this when we prove I also walk the walk. So let's make #1 priority integrating the video advertising section seen at https://7millionjobs.com/
Budget: $200

Posted On: April 27, 2023 11:45 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:WooCommerce, WordPress, PHP

Country: United States

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