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PocketAI Overview:
PocketAI is a revolutionary AI chatbot designed to enhance the learning experience for university students. It is powered by the cutting-edge GPT-4 AI model from OpenAI and is specifically fine-tuned to assist students with course content from various universities. The technology behind PocketAI efficiently utilizes both GPT-4 and GPT-3.5, automatically selecting the model that best matches the prompt for optimal responses.
Key Features:
Up to 5,000-word responses based on the prompt.
No hidden or embedded watermarks.
Free trial available.
Subscription costs start at just £8.99/month, half the price of ChatGPT Plus.
No restrictions or limits on usage.
Inbuilt prompt engineering function for accurate results.
Four different pricing packages with varying model access.
AI image generation capabilities (e.g. '/img cat wearing a santa cap').
Social Media and Website Links:
Instagram: @mypocketai
TikTok: @yourpocketai
WhatsApp Get Started Link:
Affiliate Marketing Solution:
PocketAI offers an attractive affiliate marketing solution. If customers use your referral code at checkout, you will receive 20% of their monthly fee for life.
Organic Growth:
PocketAI has already experienced organic growth, with over a thousand students across Scottish universities joining through word of mouth. The focus is on continuing this momentum by attracting organic views and subscribers, without relying on bots or other inauthentic methods.
Job Description:
Key Responsibilities:
Develop and execute marketing strategies to drive organic growth and customer acquisition.
Create engaging and innovative promotional content for various social media platforms.
Leverage your understanding of our target audience to create tailored campaigns that resonate with students.
Analyse data and adjust marketing strategies to maximize ROI.
Collaborate with the team to generate new ideas for growth and user acquisition.
Proven experience in digital marketing, particularly with a focus on organic growth and customer acquisition.
Strong understanding of social media platforms and their algorithms.
Excellent communication and copywriting skills.
Ability to create engaging content tailored to our target audience.
Willingness to work within a tight budget, with the possibility of partnership opportunities.
Our Offer:
Budget: Considerably low but negotiable, based on experience and results. Opportunity for partnership (% based fee) and long-term collaboration. Work with a cutting-edge product that will have a significant impact on students' lives.
To Apply:
Please submit your application, detailing how you would market PocketAI, how you would attract customers and get them to actually subscribe, and include project cost.
Posted On: April 29, 2023 17:36 UTC
Category: Campaign Management
Skills:Influencer Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing, Brand Marketing, Education, Amusement & Gambling, Sales & Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Finance & Accounting, Social Media Marketing

Country: United Kingdom

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