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Gambling Development

This is a new gambling app for Android and iPhone designed to help compulsive gamblers block their access to online gambling websites.
The app needs to be equipped with features to prevent users from bypassing the blocking system, such as by using proxy servers or VPNs. The app needs to set up a profile on the user's device to block access to known gambling websites and apps. The app also needs to have the ability to block gambling-related advertising, further reducing the user's exposure to triggers.
Sample Competitors
Provisioning profile creation
A provisioning profile/configuration profile is installed on a user's device to enforce restrictions and block access to online gambling sites. When a user installs the app on their device, the software creates a provisioning profile that is installed on the device. When the user attempts to access a blocked website or app, the device is automatically redirected to a blocked page. It needs to be impossible to bypass or access the list of gambling websites.
This profile configures the device to block access to online gambling sites and any related sites, such as those that offer gambling advice or strategies. The profile works by modifying the device's network settings and DNS servers to redirect requests for gambling websites to a local IP address, which prevents the device from connecting to the website.
During this period, the device is configured to block access to all known gambling sites. The provisioning profile includes features that prevent users from bypassing the blocking system. For example, the profile blocks access to proxy servers and VPNs that could be used to circumvent the blocking system.
Budget: $3,000

Posted On: May 01, 2023 14:05 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:iOS, Mobile App Development, Android, User Profile Creation, iOS Development, Android App Development, Smartphone, In-App Purchases

Country: Canada

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