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MAINET is a MLM with affiliation created in June 2022. WE, me and my friend, created "AZOLLA NETWORK" to reunite and to help people to invest and make them win money.
We, me and my business partner, have already 16 peoples who followed us in the project and invested (250k$ in total). mostly friends.
We have a "starter pack" ready at 80% to help people to invest in MAINET (how to create a binance account, how to create an gmail alias, how to use MAINET… and more).
But we are now losing momentum… We need a professional networker who can take the lead, use what we did and to develop the project.
What you have to do is to find people who are interested in Mainet and to help them to do so. We will teach you everything you need to know. ANd it can bring a lot of money.
If you are the ONE, contact us. This project is a Huge opportunity for you.
Posted On: May 01, 2023 17:37 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Marketing, Zoom Video Conferencing, Teaching, Multi-Level Marketing, Affiliate Marketing

Country: Saint Barthelemy

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