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We run a CBD/D8 website that has been online since 2015
We make very unique products and have the largest catalogue in the business.
We are looking for an assistant to the current e-commerce manager that would be interested in potentially taking over their role in the future.
The role includes:
Listing new items to the website
Maintaining website plugins and security functions
Fixing bugs and UX problems
Update site weekly with new graphics, sales programs and sales copy
Coordinate with our sale manager to launch sales programs on time and expand functionality of website to support better deals or user experience for the customer. This involves uploading graphics, copy and setting the deals up within the plugins we use to manage those.
Update affiliate program with graphics and copy provided by sales manager
Update customer loyalty points program with new items on a weekly basis.
You must have a working understanding of SQL, CSS and PHP
Launching new functionality on the website through off the shelf plugins (we have a developer that can handle the heavy lifts, but you should be able to manage the communication and problem solving with them)
What you are not responsible for:
Sales, marketing copy, customer service communication, other non-e-comm centric roles
There will be opportunities for Quarterly bonuses based on hitting your goals and launching projects on time or at the right time.
We maintain a really open and fun work atmosphere. We would rather take the time to avoid a problem than launch for the sake of hitting a deadline.
The job currently take between 10-15 hours a week. We can easily expand that to 30-40 hours if you have skills related to email marketing, website copy, graphic design (even basic levels), label design, ad design, etc
We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can work together.
Hourly Range: $20.00-$30.00

Posted On: May 01, 2023 16:39 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:Elementor, WooCommerce, Ecommerce Platform Development, Data Entry, Ecommerce, GoDaddy

Country: United States

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