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I need help adding a chatbot to a nutrition affiliate site (in WordPress).
I would like to use AI/Zapier if necessary to automate as much as possible.
Idealy, help me customize an existing platform like manychat/chatfuel/ mobilemonkey, etc to get these functionalities:
-create engagement with website visitor
-provide quizzes on various related subjects
-show comparisons
-provide affiliate link to specific products
-offer to send it to phone/email
-build list (& manage CRM)
-grow channels (IG, SMS, etc)
I have the affiliate links for the various products but the content for quizzes/education/comparisons needs to be prepared. ideally by scraping existing content and/or chatgpt.
Later, possibly evaluate the integration of NLP/AI as long it does stray away from the main objective of promoting the affiliate links.
-Also, I would like to personalize the experience when engaging/ re-engaging with a contact.
-Help is available for some of the tasks if clearly defined.
-I need the basic functionalities asap. additional ones can be added later.
You need to be responsive and available for brief video calls.
If successful, scope could grow quickly to additional chatbot projects in other niches.
Budget: $100

Posted On: May 03, 2023 14:00 UTC
Category: Scripting & Automation
Skills:Chatbot, Chatbot Development, Chatbot Flow Design, Affiliate Marketing

Country: Switzerland

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