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Gambling Development

Chewing gum package design
Develop Design concepts
1. The format is defined as width: 90mm and height: 145mm, see attachment.
2. There are 3 backgrounds to fill with content:
a. Front: 90mmm x 68mm
b. Side: height: 9mm
c. Rear end: 90mmm x 68mm
3. The Front-side
Content will be from top to bottom: Header – Offer Images – phrase.
a. Header text: Gum-believable offers!
i. Font: simmilar to bubblicious or something that feels like bubblegum-font
ii. The header font should be Bold
b. Offer images and text: CAMS | CASINO
i. Image Cams: should look like a cam with Islive logo
ii. Image Casino: this should display a casino offer. Think about cards/chips/gambling machines
iii. Make the image look like a gum bubble if possible – if it doesn’t look good, make it your own.
c. Phrase: text “Monetize your blow, but don’t swallow!”
i. The font again make it bubblicious
ii. The font should NOT be bold and a bit smaller than the header text.
4. The Side
a. The side is a small space that we will use for the VPSCASH-logo and the URL: Logo | VPSCASH.COM
5. The Backside
From top-to-bottom: Header – QR code – contact information
a. Header text “The best icebreaker – only for a real moneymaker”
i. Make the header font the same as the phrase “Monetize your blow, but don’t swallow!”
b. QR-code:
i. The QR code should be linking to the URL:
ii. Make the VPSCASH logo blend in the middle of the QR-code
iii. Above the QR-code make a bold text “Sign up here:” linking to:
iv. Below the QR-code please put: VPSCASH.COM – the best affiliate network!
7. The background color will be the attached file named: background.
Hourly Range: $10.00

Posted On: May 03, 2023 14:04 UTC
Category: Graphic Design
Skills:Graphic Design

Country: Netherlands

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