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For expert [GOLANG + gRPC] programmer to stitch backend together.
You must have strong gRPC skills and Golang.
(with Python skills if possible)
No agencies. Only direct contractor,
Backend role: To help build micro-services APIs in gRPC.
1) Must be be strong with GOLANG / gRPC
2) strong Google Cloud Platform skills needed
3) Backend: Golang for micro-services and Python for ML
4) Our frontend is: Vue.Js
5) Environment: Google Cloud Source repository connected to GitHub
6) NoSQL (MongoDB Atlas) + Graph Database
7) API: gRPC and GraphQL (…no REST)
8) If you happen to have experience with Messages brokers (like Kafka, Redpanda, etc) then great.
9) This SaaS tool has machine learning capability
Thank you for your time…
P.S. No agencies please. No affiliate consultants who use white-label services either. We only work directly with contractor.
If you're an agency or an affiliate marketer, we will find-out sooner or later. We've had contractors (more than once) in the past pretend they perform the work: it was only a short matter of time for us to uncover that the work was not being performed directly by the person who signed-up for the job.
You can't hide behind a VPN: we will find out that you are not who you are. For legal reasons, we prefer to work directly with the contractor performing the actual work. No agencies.
P.P.S. if you are an agency or a middleman, let us know upfront or there will be problems.
Hourly Range: $30.00-$50.00

Posted On: May 03, 2023 05:15 UTC
Category: Back-End Development
Skills:GraphQL, Python, Golang, Google Cloud Platform

Country: United States

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