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The project is to design and develop a unique Application that enables Zomool Co. to reach and compete globally with global apps provide same level of service not only in KSA in the field of pets services. To do this, we must pay great attention to the smallest details providing not just the same detail as the other Apps is doing but also services better to attract the App visitors leave the others and visit Zomool App with high traffic,
Laravel CMS is a powerful and popular PHP App development framework that provides a lot of features and benefits for developers. Its intuitive and elegant syntax, robust routing, easy database migration, and powerful templating engine make it one of the best choices for App development. Additionally, Laravel has a large and active community, which provides a lot of resources, documentation, and support. Its modular structure allows developers to easily create complex App applications with reusable code. Furthermore, Laravel has built-in security features and tools that help protect App applications from common vulnerabilities. Overall, Laravel CMS is a reliable, scalable, and flexible framework that can accelerate the development process and enhance the overall user experience, we will be able using Laravel to develop a unique CMS framework which will reflect in the frontend and the App services to compete with the other Apps putting ZOMOOL in the top.
– Installing and developing the platform
– Develop the website and the mobile apps
– Design the website and the app using Figma
– Hosting cloud server locally in Saudi Arabia
– Website must achieve 99.99% uptime.
– Security grades and measures.
– Caching and CDN systems system requirements.
– Cloudflare or similar “local services” to ensure security network system requirement.
– Backup systems working space monthly with scheduled daily and weekly backups.
– Fully integrated with our required online systems system requirements.
– Multiple languages website.
– Flexible and fast, high performing and self-dependent after building the system requirements.
– Group and members along with roles and permissions.
– Fully responsive UI.
– Coupon system with a variety of conditions and a monitoring dashboard.
– Flexibility and self-dependent development.
– Interactive product previews.
– Fulfil all the required features within the RFP.
-No editing or customizations within the core files of Recommended/Selected E-Commerce platform.
3.1.2. Marketing
-SEO Friendly development.
-Digital marketing feature implemented.
-SEO based implementation.
-Optimization score according to Google.
-Affiliation and cross platform.
-Customer service at decision points.
3.1.3. Functional
-Customer registration and login by using Nafath* authentication services.
-Customer categorization based on the Company Policy
-Multiple payment options, along with main global payment platforms and gateways.
-Purchase process within different mechanisms upon the customer categorystandard timing.
-Automation for the operations team based on the roles and customer category.
*Nafath is a digital identity management platform provided by the National Information Centre of Saudi Arabia. It enables citizens and residents to obtain and manage their digital identities similar to their physical ones. The platform is also referred to as Nafaz by some users.
Hourly Range: $20.00-$40.00

Posted On: May 06, 2023 07:10 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:Web Design, App Development, Laravel, API Integration, Business with 10-99 Employees, Web Development, App Design, PHP

Country: Saudi Arabia

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