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We are looking for a skilled web developer/designer to assist us in the development of a client dashboard for our website which is a trading account management company.
The dashboard will have a few things. First all just so you know there are three parties in play
1. Me (the company)
2. Partners/affiliates (they bring in investors/clients)
3. The investors/clients
What I need the dashboard to show is
1. I can invoice my clients (integrate stripe and other payment gateways such as PayPal)
2. I can pay my partners/affiliates via the website
3. When an affiliate uses an affiliate code to invite a client the client is automatically put under them
4. I can connect the clients meta trader accounts to the website to show how much profit they are making
5. The profit is automatically split into a pre set split between us and the client showing us how much we should invoice them
6. There will be 3 dashboard 1 for me 1 for the investors and 1. For the partners/affiliates
Thank you
Posted On: May 07, 2023 23:58 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Development, Web Design

Country: United States

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