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I am looking to develop a website for my referral business. Quick summary: a prospect would be looking for an assisted living facility with specific demographics. They would either go to my website and fill out a form/speak with AI chat that will get the demographics they are looking for, then it would automatically select the top 5 facilities and would automatically email/SMS those facilities the prospect's information. Or they would call the business # and the call center would get their info and input in to the site, after which the top 5 facilities would get the prospect information by email/SMS. I am looking to automated as much as possible. The third way a prospect can be entered is though an employee/affiliate. Basically the employees would need to login to their account, and enter info for a new prospect. After this the call center would call and verify the data and it would go in to the funnel for the facilities. The employee should be able to see the status of their lead. Is the prospect still looking or did they find a facility. The site would have two major components/Databases.
1 – Database of all Assisted Living facilities that I am contracted with. I will start with a few but will build up to thousands. These Assisted Living facilities should be visible on the front end and each would have a basic profile with photos and a description. I would also like to have their profile pull their google reviews on to their page. The front end should be able to filter the database with specific criteria. On the back end, if possible, I would like to be able to email/SMS the facilities individually or in mass.
2 – Database of Employees/Affiliates. I am looking to have thousands of employees as well. All would have an account where they would be able to fill out a form to submit a new prospect, and also to track the status of the leads that they have previously submitted. Sign up process would be open to all and should be easy. We would have 2 options, a free sign up or a paid sign up.
At some point later on, I would like to have an App for the Employees/Affiliates. It would have basic options just like on the website, Just submit new prospect and to track the prospects they submitted.
The website needs to be very mobile friendly. It also need to be set up properly for SEO. It will be a big part of my marketing in the future. Will also need a blog page for news and updates.
Posted On: May 08, 2023 05:19 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Application, Database Development, Web Development, Web Design

Country: United States

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