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We want to track referrals using "Post Affiliate Pro (P.A.P.)" and need to finish this process with our API & details below to properly track the sale once it moves to a telephone sales-agent.
Using "Post Affiliate Pro (P.A.P.)" we will need to trigger an action tracking code with data from a form on our website.
This would create a "zero action commission" inside P.A.P. and at the same time, it would create a lifetime relationship between the customer and the refereeing affiliate (based on the cookie after a click).
After that, customers would either call us or we would call them… The Sale takes place over the phone, in which case, we need a webhook with that customer's info in the specified data field to port back to P.A.P. and the commission would be created for the referring affiliate.
This Webhook could be triggered in a number of ways… we want you to come up with the easiest for our telephone Sales agents to complete after the phone sale, and make sure the affiliates are getting credit for their referral inside of P.A.P. software.
See Visual for more info.
Thank you,
Budget: $300

Posted On: May 11, 2023 19:05 UTC
Category: Back-End Development
Skills:API, Web Development

Country: United States

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