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We are looking for a seasoned software engineer with experience in Discord bot development, AWS Lambda function development, and Amazon DynamoDB. The primary task is to develop a solution for tracking URL parameters tied to Discord bot adds, using an AWS Lambda function and API Gateway.
Create a mechanism for the URL parameters to pass into the State variable of the Discord bot add links. The state variable is part of a callback to a 'thank you' page when a user adds the bot.
Update all 'discord bot add' links on index.html to automatically include those parameters in the state variable of the URL, so we can track them in the callback.
Design and implement an AWS Lambda function and API Gateway. This function will be triggered from the 'bot add thank you page' where the state variable is passed. The function should update the DynamoDB database based on the received URL parameters following specific rules. For example, if the URL parameter is utm_source, it should perform a certain action; if it's affiliate_id, do something else, and if the URL contains none of those parameters, do nothing.
Ensure the security of the API/Lambda function. We need to prevent unauthorized access and protect our credentials. This function will be run from another HTML page, so it's critical that the credentials are not exposed.
The database we are using is DynamoDB. The Lambda function will either create a new record or update an existing one based on the guild_id that's automatically passed through the Discord Oauth redirect callback, in the URL parameters. We will discuss the best practices and organization for the database design.
Provide instructions on how to migrate the developed solution over to our production servers after completion on a test database and pages.
Proficiency in JavaScript and HTML
Experience with Discord bot development
Experience with Amazon Web Services, specifically Lambda and DynamoDB
Understanding of URL parameters and state variables
Knowledge of API Gateway
Understanding of secure development practices to prevent unauthorized access
The ideal candidate will have a strong attention to detail and be able to provide strategic insights for the best practices of database design.
We are looking forward to your applications and discussing our project further!
Budget: $500

Posted On: May 11, 2023 17:15 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:JavaScript, HTML, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, Discord Bot Development, Node.js, API

Country: United States

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