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This request is to customize the Elementor GeneratePress theme
Milestone 1 Description
Force a header with the color(#072969) to appear on all pages. The header should contain a horizontal menu list (shown in bold) with these options:
Text should be color (#FFFFFF)
Display these 9 bold titles from left to right. The bullet points underneath should be displayed as dropdown choices that will become links to more content.
• Philosophy
• Values
• Principles
• Our Director
• Business Strategy
• Collaboration
• Policy
• Testimonials
• Articles
• Blog Posts
• Podcasts
• Social Media
• Audio
• Bulletin
• eBooks
• Courses
• Newsletters
• Software
• Videos
• Webinars
• Ghostwriting Services
• Project Expansion Services
• Software Development Services
• Private Strategy Sessions
• Group Strategy Sessions
• Under Development
• (to be added later)
• (This will show our phone numbers, email, and contact forms later)
Join Us / Sign in (Just make this a placeholder for now. Use a larger size font (color #BBB41C)
Note: Whenever the menu items are clicked, a selection list or drop box should appear showing the bullet point items listed underneath each menu item. For example, if Services is clicked, the screen should display a list with Ghostwriting Services, Software Development Services, Private Strategy Sessions, Group Strategy Sessions
Posted On: May 12, 2023 14:24 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:Elementor, WordPress, HTML, Web Development

Country: United States

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