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We are looking for a skilled app developer to create an affiliate marketing app on top of the Cake API (summary of Cake API at bottom of job post).
We are looking to have this app accessible on both the iOS App Store & Google Play store
Here is an example of the app we are looking to copy 1:1 –
We can forward a login if you'd like to test the app & interface
Our team can provide the graphic designer, as we have some design drafts done already:
In summary, we need developer(s) who are familiar with project management tools like Jira or GitHub projects. Before the project starts we’ll have a meeting with everything we need done and will create a task board. Each person much use the task board as intended with comments and pull requests when making changes. I want a detailed timeline of how long each task will take. If we face a problem that might take too long to solve, we’ll move past it and I will hand it to a senior developer to complete the single task
Our goal is to have this app launched in under 2 weeks, as everything is plug & play. The cake API will automatically populate all necessary stats & information, and the designer is almost done building the interface, so an app developer would mainly need to connect these features & do some slight edits/customizations
Thank you for reading,
(1. Authentication
CAKE APIs leverage the "key passing" authentication method. Each portal has a unique URL structure as well as its own account specific keys. The keys are defined:
Affiliate ID
Affiliate ID is an integer that represents a unique affiliate per CAKE instance.
API Key is a string that is used to authenticate an API request.
Note: If you navigate to the documentation page from within your Affiliate Portal, we will populate your Affiliate ID and API Key. If you do not know your Affiliate ID and API Key, please use the "APIKeyPair" API in the Authentication category to retrieve it.
2. Overview
CAKE's RESTful APIs can be called by making HTTP requests. They conform to OpenAPI Specification (f.k.a. Swagger RESTful Documentation Specification) so that you can leverage Swagger Code-Gen. The following methods are available for use:
GET: used to retrieve information
PUT: used to update entities
POST: used to create resources
3. How to Build Objects with Swagger Code-Gen
Code-Gen makes it easy to interact with CAKE's API structure and build tools that consume our APIs. Code-Gen is available in a wide range of programming languages, so whether you're on Java or node.js, you'll find a way to connect to our APIs.
The Code-Gen Github page is a great resource to get familiar with their code. For a language specific example, you can visit the swagger-js-codegen Github repo.
4. Dive into our APIs
After you've familiarized yourself with getting and posting in the Swagger Generator, start sending your API requests. You're set!
Posted On: May 14, 2023 01:17 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:iOS, React Native, Ionic Framework, Firebase, React, Android, Android App Development, Mobile App Development, User Profile Creation, iOS Development

Country: United States

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