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We have a online dating site built on a Vue.js frontend and a Laravel 8 backend, and we want to implement cryptocurrency as a commission payment method for affiliates and as a payment gateway for customers.
The site is advertised by affiliates and they earn commissions from sales. The dating site itself is already ready made, but we need to implement cryptocurrency.
We need super experienced developers who can realize this project for us in a well organized and controlled manner with solid communication, without any hassle or delays. We want to establish a long term partnership, so we are not looking for those small guys without previous experience in this kind of setup.
Our token will be created on the Polygon network.
– The tasks for the developers include:
– Help us plan and adjust the documentation for implementation.
– Create the crypto token for us, with all features.
– Create a pre-sale landing page on our site.
– Implement smart contracts for the presale period.
– Implement Web3.js on our frontend.
– Setup Uniswap (or other) swap for us, with all settings.
– Connect users' wallets to our site, save the public key in our database.
– Get wallet balance.
– Get wallet transactions.
– Implement crypto payment as an alternative to our stripe component.
– Create a smart contract for swapping and paying commission for affiliates.
– Setup one click swap for our users, so they can swap in a simple way.
– Mint and distribute tokens after the presale period ends.
– Lock the possibility of minting tokens.
There are probably things we have not listed here that has to be done, or things that has to be done differently. That is what you as a contractor will be helping us with.
We have 6 pages documentation for implementation and we have developers in house who will help with implementation both frontend and backend.
Hourly Range: $21.00-$84.00

Posted On: May 14, 2023 23:40 UTC
Category: Emerging Tech
Skills:Solidity, Smart Contract, web3.js, Cryptocurrency, Emerging Tech Consultation

Country: Norway

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