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Please note – Although I have mentioned hourly rates for the project, I want to work with a freelancer on a Fixed budget basis. Kindly quote me your fixed budget for the below mentioned project
We have an Online Casino Review website
The website’s revenue source is Affiliate partner programs with online casinos ie every time we send an online casino a user who signs up and deposits money we get a commission
We earn revenue through multiple affiliate partners example-
Now every time I want to check the revenue generated by the entire website. I have to visit each platform eg- https://7bitpartners.com/, enter our login credentials, and then check the commissions
I have to do the same for https://www.mbitpartners.com/ , https://www.cryptowild.com/affiliates, and so on
This becomes very tedious as I have 15 to 20 affiliate partner programs.
I want to know if we can build a central revenue/commission tracking system where I can monitor commissions earned by each affiliate program centrally on a web app or mobile app which will eliminate the need to login into every affiliate platform one by one to check commissions
Some affiliate platforms like 7bitpartners.com and starzpartners.com do have API’s for their reports but other affiliate partners do not have any API’s
I have created dummy accounts on a few affiliate partner programs which you can use for testing purposes . I will provide you the credentials of these dummy test accounts once you are shortlisted
Hourly Range: $15.00-$20.00

Posted On: May 15, 2023 06:10 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:API Integration, Web Application, WordPress

Country: India

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