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We are looking for an experienced freelance developer to create a set of plugins for our ChatGPT platform specifically tailored to enhance the functionality of online wagering. We are looking for an engineer(s) who can develop a chat GPT plug-in per the following requirements from OpenAI:
The plugins we are looking for will provide the following functions:These plugins will enable ChatGPT to provide real-time sports betting advice, live betting updates, betting strategies, odds comparison, match analysis, virtual betting simulation, community forums, sports news updates, and responsible gambling support.
The functionality of ChatGPT specifically for online wagering:
1. **Sports Betting Advisor:** This plugin would provide users with real-time sports betting advice, including analysis of odds, predictions for upcoming matches, and recommendations for placing bets.
2. **Live Betting Tracker:** Implementing a live betting tracker plugin would allow ChatGPT to provide users with real-time updates on live sports events, including score updates, game progress, and betting options available during the match.
3. **Betting Strategies and Tips:** This plugin would offer users various betting strategies, tips, and best practices to improve their chances of success in online wagering, including bankroll management, value betting, and understanding different betting markets.
4. **Odds Comparison Tool:** A plugin focused on odds comparison would allow ChatGPT to gather and present odds from different bookmakers, helping users find the best odds for their desired bets.
5. **Bankroll Management Assistant:** This plugin would assist users in managing their betting bankroll effectively, providing guidance on setting budgets, tracking expenses, and implementing responsible gambling practices.
6. **Match Analysis and Statistics:** Incorporating a match analysis and statistics plugin would allow ChatGPT to provide users with detailed insights into teams, players, and historical performance data to help inform their betting decisions.
7. **Virtual Betting Simulator:** This plugin would create a virtual betting simulator where users can practice their betting strategies and test different scenarios without risking real money, helping them refine their skills and strategies.
8. **Betting Community Forum:** Implementing a betting community forum plugin would enable ChatGPT to connect users with other online bettors, facilitating discussions, sharing tips, and providing a platform for exchanging betting insights and experiences.
9. **Sports News and Updates:** This plugin would gather and present the latest sports news, injuries, team line-ups, and other relevant information to keep users well-informed when making their betting decisions.
10. **Responsible Gambling Support:** This plugin would provide resources, information, and tools for responsible gambling, including self-assessment quizzes, limit-setting assistance, and links to helpline services for individuals who may need support.
These plugin ideas can enhance the functionality of ChatGPT for online wagering, offering valuable insights, tools, and support to users engaged in sports betting and online gambling.Responsibilities:
Collaborate with our team to understand the requirements and specifications for each plugin.
Design and develop high-quality, scalable, and efficient code for the ChatGPT plugins.
Integrate the plugins seamlessly into the existing ChatGPT platform, ensuring compatibility and optimal user experience.
Implement real-time data feeds and APIs for live betting updates, odds comparison, and sports news.
Develop interactive interfaces for user interactions, such as betting simulations and community forums.
Conduct thorough testing and debugging to ensure the plugins function reliably and are free of errors.
Document the plugins' functionalities, APIs, and usage instructions for easy integration and future maintenance.
Provide ongoing support and address any issues or bugs that may arise during and after the deployment of the plugins.
Get ready to get started! Looking to hear from you! Previous experience and a cover letter is a plus!
Hourly Range: $15.00-$45.00

Posted On: May 15, 2023 00:04 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:JSON, Python, API, Node.js, Chatbot Development, OpenAI Codex

Country: United States

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