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Background: I am an Amazon influencer and affiliate marketer and I have multiple people that provide content into my account. Amazon Influencer accounts do have have a way to attribute sales to each content source, so I want to parse this info reliably and monthly to pay the sources.
Goal is to update attribution once and apply to all future sales that match the attribution criteria.
I want to build a database in which monthly reports can be uploaded and sales information is dynamically updated with seller attribution. More than 5 Months of attributed data can be provided. To be more clear an affiliate sales report will be provided from past months in which each line item has been associated with an attributed source, which there are currently 5 sources (person a, b, c, and d) but would want to be able to expand to include additional persons/sources. Ideally the attribution match will happen at product name or amazon standard identification number or ASIN or can be assigned if new attributes are found to be a relevant and reliable source. Each month new products will appear that have not previously been attributed so an interface will be needed to "establish the ongoing attributed source" . Each month when new sales data is updated, say for May, the database will do a look up and attributed all known products to the established source… remaining products without attribution will be manually updated by me to establish future "attributed source". From this data I will want to be able to export monthly, quarterly, and annual reports in XLS format that show all data for that month with attribution and total sales volumes by product, by source, by category, etc. I will also want to be able to output monthly sales reports by source that shows total commissions earned.
Attached is an example of a report would look like.
1st is an Influence Report
2nd is an Affiliate Report
3rd is sample attribution report where attribution is in Columns G-K and tallied totals in L-R
I'd like to run the Influencer and Affiliate reports independent of one another but they can share the same attribution sourcing info.
Affiliate reports do allow for source attribution (Tracking ID) which can be established as a go forward rule, say Tracking ID = Josh-HBO-20 it could always be set to Source = Josh and override any other matching, such as Name or ASIN…
I am not sure the best way to house this database but i will need to be owned by me and ideally w/out a monthly fee, but I'm open to what the hosting options are.
I'm sure there is more for us to discuss, but I'd like to start the conversations.
Budget: $350

Posted On: May 15, 2023 20:36 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Database Design

Country: United States

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