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Looking for an expert preferably already in the betting/gambling industry to develop a peer-to-peer betting exchange for both mobile and web use.
Platform will enable users to buy and sell (or back and lay) bets to each others at odds that are set by themselves so house is not playing against users. Platform will take comission for acting as an intermediary in connecting two users to a contract.
Platform should be available for bot mobile and desktop (web based). Desktop (web) as a priority.
Payment system should be able to cover both crypto and fiat (preferably crypto first) but one of them will be enough in the beginning as long as the other solution can be added later.
Platform should be very simple, offering social chat (that perhaps changes with underlying "betting event" changing), betting exchange (where you can see the existing market of odds offered for both outcomes and where you can buy them and offer your own odds) and live view of underlying betting "event" on the same screen.
Most important skills web application development, mobile app development, payment systems/cryptoinfrastructure and deep understanding of peer-to-peer betting systems.
Budget: $20,000

Posted On: May 15, 2023 14:06 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Application, Mobile App, Smart Contract Development, Crypto Asset

Country: Finland

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