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🔡🔡🔡🔡 【High Salary Recruitment】
Welcome to cooperate and join in the media advertising industry!
➡️ Head of media advertising flow
➡️ Media Advertising Operations Specialist
➡️ Media advertising industry agency
The support we provide:
💲 Up to 50% KPI commission service fee commission
📌 Flexible online remote, home office, etc.
💲 Flexible payment such as weekly salary, monthly salary, commission, etc.
📌 Sufficient budget for paid media traffic delivery, up to 50,000 US dollars per day
💲Supply a large number of gray applications in the Google store, developed by renting/purchasing/self-made
If you are looking for a flexible and free online work model, where you have the opportunity to develop and make a lot of money‼ ️Join it‼ ️
Skills we need:
💸 Have at least one year of experience in buying CPA/CPI models for mobile applications
😋 Familiar with tiktok, facebook, google, kwai and other social media advertising
🎰 Need to have experience in gray and black vertical industries such as games and slot machines,
🌐 It needs to be integrated with the gray application renter, use deep links, advertising ID and other configurations
😇 Basic bilingual skills, English and Chinese are required
Daily Task Responsibilities
✔️ Create, customize and launch new advertising campaigns
✔️ Continuous monitoring and analysis of advertising campaigns
✔️ Creative update of audience materials and keywords in vertical industries
✔️ Find suppliers for advertising accounts, guaranteed price and quality
✔️ Find new ways to optimize and scale, A/B test and configure improvements
✔️ Complete the set KPI and plan report
Salary plan:
The personal trial period is one week, and the minimum guarantee is 1000-2000 US dollars
Talk to the team and agency service providers in detail!
Budget: $50,000

Posted On: May 15, 2023 18:00 UTC
Category: Social Media Marketing
Skills:Social Media Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Amusement & Gambling, Retargeting, Mobile Advertising, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, WhatsApp, Telegram, Social Media Marketing

Country: Philippines

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