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Give a description for crm mobile application system for real estate sales process, to give it to the mobile apps developer.
The crm system will do the following
1. Marketing affiliate sign up
2. System admin has to approve them first
3. Marketin affiliate can creat leads
4. Leads go to admin to be assigned to sales person
5. Lead appears to the assigned sales person to be able to call him or send whatsapp through 2 buttons beside lead name
6. Calles through system should be recorded ( what time, how long it toke , the call itself )
7. Sales person has to choose a status for the lead ( from one of the predefined number of status)
8. Sales person can write privet comments to admin or general comments to affiliate
9. Sales person can make reminders related to this lead specially
10. Admin can reassign the lead for another person and remove it from the previous sales person. And hide all old commwnts
11.notification system
12. Report system
And you can suggest any other futures help to make this system full proofed and simple to be used
Description for CRM Mobile Application System for Real Estate Sales Process:
The CRM mobile application system is designed to streamline the real estate sales process and enhance communication and collaboration between marketing affiliates, system admins, and salespersons. The system aims to efficiently manage leads, track communications, and provide comprehensive reporting for better decision-making. Here are the key features and functionalities of the CRM mobile application system:
Marketing Affiliate Sign-up:
Marketing affiliates can register and create an account within the mobile application.
They provide necessary details such as their name, contact information, and affiliation.
Approval Process:
System admins have the authority to review and approve marketing affiliates.
They ensure that the affiliate meets the required criteria before granting them access.
Lead Generation:
Approved marketing affiliates can create leads within the application.
They input relevant information such as the lead's name, contact details, and property preferences.
Lead Assignment:
Newly created leads are forwarded to the system admin for assignment.
The admin assigns the leads to appropriate salespersons based on workload or specialization.
Communication Channels:
Assigned leads appear to the respective salesperson, who can directly contact them.
The application provides two buttons (call and WhatsApp) next to the lead's name for easy communication.
Call Recording:
All calls made through the application are automatically recorded.
Details such as the time of the call, duration, and the call itself are logged for future reference.
Lead Status:
Salespersons can choose a status from a predefined set of options to indicate the progress of the lead.
This helps track the lifecycle of each lead and prioritize follow-ups.
Salespersons can write private comments to the admin or general comments visible to the marketing affiliate.
Private comments are used for internal communication and collaboration, while general comments help provide feedback to the affiliate.
Salespersons can set reminders related to specific leads.
This functionality helps them stay organized and follow up on important tasks and appointments.
Lead Reassignment:
Admins can reassign leads to different salespersons if required.
The system automatically removes the lead from the previous salesperson's interface and hides all related comments.
Notification System:
The application includes a notification system to alert users of new leads, task deadlines, or important updates.
Users can customize their notification preferences to stay informed.
Reporting System:
The CRM system offers a comprehensive reporting module.
Users can generate reports on lead performance, sales metrics, and other relevant data for analysis and decision-making.
Additional Features:
Document Management: Allow users to upload and manage important documents related to leads, properties, or contracts.
Integration with Property Listings: Integrate with property listing platforms to provide up-to-date property information for marketing affiliates and salespersons.
Calendar Integration: Enable integration with users' calendars to sync appointments, tasks, and reminders.
Email Integration: Allow users to send and receive emails within the CRM application, facilitating seamless communication.
Analytics and Insights: Provide visualizations and insights based on sales data, lead conversion rates, and marketing performance to aid decision-making.
By incorporating these features, the CRM mobile application system will offer a comprehensive, user-friendly solution to manage the real estate sales process efficiently and improve collaboration among stakeholders.
Budget: $600

Posted On: May 16, 2023 22:34 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
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