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We are working on We need to finish the project I've installed a custom post type plugin, which holds the channels of influencers into a post type so they are there for our affiliates, we need to have discount codes available for our affiliates pages (channels) we need the channel listings, we also need brand pages setup. This is regarding the design I've sent mockups, everything must work. The site utilizes WCFM so we need to have this done so that it stays with wcfm here's the mockups I need finished.
We also need the following fixed.
the search results page is not working
Build Brands Page (Logos link to Brand Stores)
Add Search using Fibo back to Header and fix the Search Results
Task Description:
Answers to fix the Search Results here:
Affiliate Registration is Not Working (need fixed) wcfm
Sort by… in top of Shop page is in wrong place
Can we comment this out so it doesnt show please. Its required in back end for Categories however.
"Sort by…" on product page is in the wrong place
Add Ad Units from Mock Ups to Shop and Product Page
250 px x 250 px
Sample Images:
Add these ad units to…
/channels (after it is created)
Add Affiliate Code Box and Add 5% Discount when a Valid Code is applied
Logo images on Brand page are getting reduced down to 40% of original
Budget: $400

Posted On: May 16, 2023 23:08 UTC
Category: Front-End Development
Skills:HTML5, Web Design, WordPress, Elementor, Web Development, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, WooCommerce, HTML

Country: Mexico

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