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We want to customize membership + affiliate wordpress plugin. Please refer to the attached file for more details.
1. Event calendar. If the member interested to join the event, can sign up the event and add to their google calendar. Once member join the event, it will automatically send the calendar invitation to their email so they can accept it and the event will show at their google calendar.
– Member can see all the events in the Calendar and can click to join if they’re interested
a) Feature of sending calendar invitation to email once the user join an event
2. Member directory: Can import existing/offline member data into the database.
a) Feature of showing member directory to website frontend. Admin can choose what member details to showcase.
– Please include the ability to showcase the member directory to front end. For example, we can select, add/remove, what member info to display in website
3. Membership application form +payment +membership approval system
a. Payment APIs
b. Membership approval
4. Different Membership category (normal member, VIP member, Lifetime member), different member have different access or priority
a) Feature of add/delete/edit membership category by admin
5. Member CRM (see a member's history at a glance – notes, payment history, donations, events, and more. Membership billing system and event registration pages, to automatically record payments, membership renewals)
a. Import existing member data to the site
b. Manage payment history/membership billing: I will design this field to manage the membership billing receipt, manage renewal, manage notice, manage notes, and more.
c. Manage member account: I will design this module that enables the members to manipulate their account details.
6. Donation: setup the donation as per the pricing timeframe and also can set the type of donation (recurring/monthly/yearly)
a) Recurring donations feature
7. Membership email (New member welcome email, payment receipts, upcoming renewal and past due notices are sent out automatically to your members)
8. Member only content
9. Announcement dashboard for members
a) Push notification of event announcement via email and WhatsApp Business API
10. WooCommerce: Display custom price for different tier member
11. Membership number
Auto-generating membership number plugin with customize membership format, prefix, able to continue the membership number from existing number.
1. Affiliate registration (different tier affiliate)
At affiliate profile, add columns for bank account details: Bank Name:, Bank Account Number:, Account Holder Name:
2. Create unique affiliate link, coupon code (Allow affiliates to request their very own coupon code name (with approval), Approval and rejection email notifications), qr code
a) Create affiliate link/coupon/QR code
b) Track affiliate commission
c) Commission module
d) Admin can customize agent tier for different commission rate
e) Track affiliate link, coupon, qr code/Referral performance
3. Create and track performance of referrals
4. Affiliate report: export feature, how much each referrals earn, bank details and export for payout purpose, can filter by month and custom date
5. Affiliate payout
a) Use currency switcher to change the currency
b) Add a column to set min payout amount
6. Set commission rule: Customize different commission rate/commission structure for different tier affiliates
7. Social sign in and Google Sign in for all sign up
8. Customize cache record period: for example, website admin can decide the cache period. The cache will remain 30/60/90 day/custom period to keep the introducer/promoter in record
9. Stats (Individual affiliate dashboard)
Here, the users can get the progress report, clicks, number of sales actions, conversion rate, return on ad spend, cost per click and cost per sale, percent of active affiliates, and so on
10. Email matching with offline data
a) change password feature
WordPress Plugin Selling feature:
11. License Key Auto Generation
– License key will be sent through email once the payment has been made. License key is unique, and can be used at once only
Budget: $3,600

Posted On: May 16, 2023 01:54 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Plugin Development, WooCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress, WordPress Plugin, Web Development

Country: Malaysia

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