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I’m looking for a developer to create a bot which can scrape data from 17 bookmaker sites, and from the data decide whether there is an opportune moment to bet based on pre-defined strategies. The bot will then have to place the bets if there is such an opportunity.
As a developer, you will be responsible for designing and implementing the bot to my specific requirements.
There's a few further intricacies on top of that, such as choice of bet, bookmaker, stake boundaries, flags for manual intervention etc.
It’s worth noting at this stage that this should be a very speedy process. i.e. within 7 seconds.
There are some aspects to be defined such as whether it’s a run on a server/locally, whether it should be an extension, desktop program etc.
– Develop a robust and efficient bot capable of scanning real-time sporting events from a variety of bookmakers.
– Scrape the data from bookmakers sites and process accordingly.
– Implement algorithms and strategies to identify appropriate opportunities and execute bets automatically in such moments.
– Implement risk managements mechanisms to mitigate potential losses and ensure the stability of the bot’s operations.
– Conduct thorough testing and debugging to identify and resolve any issues or bugs in the system.
– Proven experience as a developer with a strong understanding of programming languages and frameworks.
– Familiarity with sports betting and understanding of bookmakers’ odds and markets.
– Solid understanding of web scraping and working with real-time data.
– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to develop complex algorithms and strategies.
– Be responsible. This is a collaboration and it’s important that is the dynamic from the off.
In case you're wondering how it works – I purposefully haven’t articulated the exact strategies in this posting for various reasons, it will be articulated in due course.
If you’ve made the bot to specification and it doesn’t work, i.e. the opportunities to make money do not occur, I will pay you £2,000 for your efforts.
I appreciate £2k isn't an awful lot for this line of work and I’d budgeted a lot more for this. However, the last three projects I’ve done which have required dev work, I’ve had a difficult time getting a hold of developers after the project. There's been no beef, just that I’m de-prioritised or developers move off the platform etc. which I can understand. (In case you're wondering, I’m never asking anyone to work for free!).
So to make this work all round, instead of paying a set amount for the project, I’m willing to pay you £1,000 on completion and 20% of the profits every week. I'm not expecting any set work for that 20%. I'd like to think that's enough for you to prioritise fixing anything that goes wrong when it's up and running as it's something you have a vested interest in. It should never be anything like full-time hours once it's complete, it should be ad-hoc adjustments which will require you to be an amount of responsive. Theoretically if it's made well in the first place, there will be even less requirement for adjustments after. Please consider if that's something that could work for schedule/ambitions/working style.
How much will it make when it's working?
Worst case scenario: if the scraping is clunky/using inadequate servers/there's a requirement for API’s/issues with placing the bets thus needing lots of manual intervention etc. we're probably gonna average £1-2 an hour at best. So you'll make around £2,600 for the year.
Best case scenario: basically none of the problems previously mentioned + this is a well coded, you've remained engaged and enthused with the project and created an efficient piece of software (that could have flexibility to add further markets or bookmakers), we can average anywhere between £4 to £10 an hour. You'll make around £12,200 for the year.
If this is made well, and we can successfully mitigate external factors, you could be earning £17,000+ a year within a year for just having to maintain some software you've built. And if you know you can make bug-free reliable software, you're onto a winner.
Furthermore, for every year you stay connected to the project, I will increase your pay-out amount by 2%, up to a 50/50 split.
So if you think you've genuinely got the skills and desire to make this your piece de resistance software and you can see all the potential here and are ready to do something a little different that excites you, please do get in touch and let's make some money!
Budget: $1,000

Posted On: May 17, 2023 10:01 UTC
Category: Scripting & Automation
Skills:Data Scraping, Scripting, Automation, Web Scraping, Algorithm Development, Bot Development, JavaScript, Data Integration, Gambling

Country: United Kingdom

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