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Affiliate Dev

We are looking for an experienced developer to create a Telegram bot with specific features related to Amazon product price tracking. The bot should be able to perform the following functions:
1. Price Chart Generation: When a user sends an Amazon product link to the bot, it should respond by generating a chart displaying the price history of the product over the last 3 months. The chart should include red dots to indicate lighting deals price.
2. Lowest Price Notification: Along with the price chart, the bot should provide a text notification highlighting the lowest price observed within the past 3 months.
3. Affiliate Integration: The bot should be programmed to send a response containing the same product link provided by the user, but with my affiliate account attached. The response should include the text "Best Buy link: [user-provided product link with my affiliate tag]". This ensures that users are directed to the product through my affiliate account. Additionally, the bot should mention the lowest price observed within the last 3 months to provide valuable pricing information.
4. Data Source: Since Amazon does not provide an official API for price history, we will need to rely on scraping data from websites such as,,, and potentially others. The bot should be able to effectively extract the required information from these sources to ensure accurate price tracking.
If you have the necessary skills and experience to complete this project, please reach out to us via direct message. We are open to discussing any questions or concerns you may have.
Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to working with you!
Posted On: May 17, 2023 15:25 UTC
Category: Scripting & Automation
Skills:Data Scraping

Country: India

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