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I am currently seeking a highly skilled and experienced WordPress developer to complete the setup of my dog-themed blog. The blog has been partially created using the Astra Pro theme, and construction has been started using the Spectra page builder. The ideal candidate will have a comprehensive understanding of these tools and a genuine love for dogs, as this will be critical in capturing the right feel and tone for the blog.
Please note, this project is specifically for individual freelancers. Agencies need not apply. Additionally, candidates must demonstrate a high level of responsiveness and ability to follow comments and instructions meticulously. If you are unable to meet these criteria, please do not apply.
A vital requirement for this role is originality in your application. Cookie-cutter resumes and proposals will be rejected immediately. Instead, I'm looking for thoughtful, personalized responses that demonstrate why you believe you're the right fit for this project. If you've read and understood these instructions, please include the word 'pomegranate' in your proposal.
The successful candidate must have extensive experience in setting up blog sites and making them ready for monetization through Google AdSense and other affiliate networks like Amazon. The candidate should also have experience in setting up email newsletters and other plugins necessary for running a successful blog. A deep understanding and affinity for dogs is key, as this will help in the overall design and feel of the site. I am looking for a proactive problem-solver who can use their own logic and experience to design and execute tasks, rather than waiting for step-by-step guidance from the client.
In addition, I'm looking for a long-term partnership. Future projects involving other blog development are in the pipeline, and I'd love to establish a relationship with a reliable, skilled, and passionate developer.
Key responsibilities will include:
– Finalizing the blog setup and ensuring all pages, features, and functionalities are working seamlessly.
– Customizing and enhancing the website appearance using Astra Pro theme and Spectra page builder.
– Setting up the blog for monetization through Google AdSense and other affiliate networks.
– Setting up an email newsletter system and integrating necessary plugins for a successful blog.
– Advising on best practices for blog organization, SEO optimization, and overall site performance.
– Identifying and troubleshooting any potential issues or bugs.
– Proven experience in WordPress development and site management.
– Demonstrable expertise with Astra Pro theme and Spectra page builder.
– Experience setting up blogs for monetization through Google AdSense and other affiliate networks.
– Experience setting up email newsletters and integrating necessary plugins.
– A strong love for dogs and an understanding of how to create engaging content for dog lovers.
– Strong knowledge of SEO principles and how they apply to content and site structure.
– Excellent problem-solving skills with a strong attention to detail.
– Strong communication skills and ability to advise clients on technical aspects in a clear, understandable manner.
– Proactive, logical and able to execute tasks without needing step-by-step guidance.
– Interest in establishing a long-term professional relationship for future projects.
I look forward to receiving proposals from candidates who feel they can bring their WordPress expertise and love for dogs to this project. Please provide relevant examples of your previous work, specifically projects where Astra Pro and Spectra were utilized and blogs that were prepared for monetization.
Thank you for considering my project, and I look forward to potentially working with you in the long run.
Hourly Range: $5.00-$6.00

Posted On: May 18, 2023 03:40 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:CMS Development

Country: India

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