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Affiliate Dev

We are high school students that won 1st place in a startup competition for our mobile crypto mining app idea. The app will mine Monero and unlike most mobile mining apps that pay all users a low flat rate, our app is a work-based system where users that “contribute” more by playing mini games earn more investment. Users can also recommend friends through our Affiliate program to earn at a higher rate. The app will run ads. I completed 20% of some backend elements with the help of an adult backend engineer for the competition but we don’t need to use what I did. I have already engaged a professional designer and some of the designs are done. We want to use Google AdMob to run ads to make it easy on us to manage ads. Looking for a full stack engineer that can build the app, working with our designer as needed, Looking for someone that knows how to make the mining part work with Monero, We will not be paying users in cash. They will earn investment in Monero. The company needs to be able to earn coins from Monero and distribute fractions of coins to users, It will be up to users to exchange coins for cash outside of the app. The company needs to be able to earn money from ads on the app managed by Google AdMob. Looking for someone that has experience with crypto mining apps, not necessarily mobile crypto mining but that’s a plus. The app will only be for android. Not Apple. Thank you.
Hourly Range: $15.00-$32.00

Posted On: May 19, 2023 20:36 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Cryptocurrency, JavaScript, Smartphone

Country: United States

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