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Affiliate Dev

I run a blog with a focus on affiliate marketing and am looking for someone who can update my site styles to improve how certain affiliate code integrations look on the site.
Applicants should have demonstrated experience with Squarespace, Amazon associates, Affiliately and refersion.
You will create a loom video with instructions on how the site styles can be updated on the squarespace backend for each of the use cases below:
1. Integrating the Amazon Text+Image code into a Squarespace blog
2. Integrating the Amazon Image only code into a squarespace blog
3. Integrating native squarespace product listings into the blog
4. Integrating etsy product listings into the blog
5. Integrating Google AdSense ad units into the blog
These site style updates will be for the embedded blocks only. Ideally, the changes should be globally incorporated for future blocks that use each of the 5 integrations.
I will provide the links and codes and provide any other access that you need to complete these 5 deliverables.
Budget: $250

Posted On: May 19, 2023 22:26 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:Squarespace, Web Design, Landing Page, Graphic Design, HTML

Country: United States

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