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Hello, we are creating a project in which we need to regularly create review sites like this one:
We need to create a system to continuously add sites like that with different domains. We need to clone the entire site to be able to use it with another domain, changing the logo and the texts where the domain name appears.
A simple website with a home, contact, privacy policy, terms of use, about us and an advertiser disclosure (same texts but changing the domain names and site).
Once this is done, what we need is to have one or several templates made with Elementor Pro so that we can quickly create pages like this: to include affiliate links.
We would enter each WordPress admin to finish the pages with the product reviews and add images, texts, links etc.
Our idea is to do this on a dedicated multi-site hosting like this one:, where we can easily manage each site/domain.
We need someone to create and maintain this.
In any case, if you have any proposals to improve the mentioned project, they are welcome.
Multi site system with wordpress and elementor pro
Here are some skills that a person should have to perform this job:
-WordPress Development: Proficiency in WordPress is essential to create and maintain the review sites. This includes the ability to clone websites, modify themes, manage plugins, and navigate the WordPress admin panel effectively.
-Web Design: Knowledge of web design principles and aesthetics is important to create visually appealing and user-friendly review sites. This involves skills in layout design, color schemes, typography, and graphic editing.
-Elementor Pro: Familiarity with Elementor Pro is necessary to create templates and design custom pages quickly. This drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress enables easy customization and integration of elements such as text, images, and affiliate links.
-Domain Management: Understanding how to manage domains and change domain settings is crucial to set up and configure different domains for each review site. This includes domain registration, DNS management, and mapping domains to specific websites.
-Hosting Management: Proficiency in managing hosting platforms, particularly multi-site hosting solutions like Bluehost VPS, is beneficial. This involves setting up hosting accounts, managing server resources, and ensuring smooth performance and security across multiple sites.
Hourly Range: $10.00-$30.00

Posted On: May 19, 2023 06:37 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:WordPress, Web Development, Hosting Setup

Country: Spain

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