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We have a wordpress woocommerce site that needs migration to Shopify.
We need a Shopify developer with whom we can hopefully work long-term.
Feel free to send a proposal even if you cannot do all of the "optional" tasks below but can do some of the others.
Our product: dietary supplement in different flavors
The project:
1. Create a Shopify site consistent with flavored DTC dietary supplements and powders
2. Migrate our domain (we purchased our primary product name)
3. Optional: help establish the marketing integrations, sales funnels, customer journey and analytics suite; we need complete SMS and Email and postcard marketing
1. Subscriptions are very important to our business. Recharge looks good, but we need to ensure we can have a landing page with an offer of buy the product for $X and if you don't cancel, then it renews at $2X
2. Refer a friend implementation – this could be a big a driver for us
3. Our product is flavored so we may have many flavors going forward, we need excellent product pages per flavor, but the ability to buy any flavor from any given product page
4. The design can use a premium template to start – we don't need that many pages to the site: home page, product page, static page, subscriptions listing page, FAQ page – the design needs to be clean and easy to navigate. I believe the landing pages will be the sales drivers.
5. Emails need to match site design but don't need anything too fancy 6. Need system for managing influencers like an affiliate program (I am familiar with woo systems but not so much Shopify)
7. Need landing page design integration; our strategy will be to have influencers use our product on YouTube; they will then get their own website that redirects to a landing page, where their likeness will be featured
8. We have a website that is presently linked to a QR code; this site needs to be a designed. It can be a redirect to a Shopify page if needed
9. Integration of customer reviews that allow for photos uploading
10. Integration of any sales boosts such as "Andy from Chicago, just purchased."
11. For consideration with the landing pages, maybe they need to be in WordPress: our product is sold at a massive discount so we could have a calculator on the landing page for how much a consumer could save
Optional – Migration
1. Need migration of woocommerce orders and accounts if possible; if this costs a fortune, then we can cut it – better to focus on growth
Marketing – Optional
1. Development of the marketing funnel from FB ads to landing page to email capture and directing to Amazon or to Shopify with associated SMS, Email and potential postcard follow-ups
2. Can be via Klaviyo or similar
Website Analytics – Optional
1. Setup of proper analytics tracking system and development of reports: Google Analytics is okay but open to other programs as well
2. We don't need customer analytics at the detail level – we have our own internal system for that (consider our internal system to be like Polar Analytics or similar), so we need web traffic and conversion analytics
Basic SEO – Optional
1. Simple setup of SEO and google tag managers, etc.
Setup of Ad Channels
1. Most of our online ads will be on FB – optionally setup a FB ad integration
2. Optionally setup a Google Ads integration
3. Optionally setup a Microsoft Ads integration
Feel free to ask any questions and we will provide a detailed response.
Please provide a timeline for the project.
Thank you.
Posted On: May 20, 2023 01:25 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:WooCommerce, Shopify, Web Design, Ecommerce Platform Development, Klaviyo, Recharge, Landing Page Design

Country: United States

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