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Business concept- My Marketing Bull is providing a Guide/Course on Email Marketing. We need an app where we can provide Guide material in Video, Images, Downloadable PDF format and other content material possible. We need an app for Web, IOS and Android.
Scope of project- We need 6 pages in total Home, Templates, Happy Guide, Support, Profile and Log in.
Home- Introduction Video, Couple more videos, Support email, social media handles.
Templates- Within templates, we are going to provide templates for different industry type, IT, Manufacturing and others. The delivery of the content is Videos, downloadable PDF, Images(if the click image, it should pop up and they can see it clearly).
Happy Guide- It’s basically tips, Videos will work here.
Support- Photo + support email
Profile- Here, they can manage their passwords, profile picture, log in info, forget password and other important things.
Log In- Ideally, if anybody would like to use this app, they can use it, but if they would like to purchase something, sign up. Log in tab should be visible to subscribers only.
In-app purchases- It’s a monthly based subscription thing, and I would like to manage subscription within app with Stripe. I want this app available to everybody to explore what we are selling. I want to have open access to 10% of the content so they can walk-through and if it’s for them, and rest 90% is paid,
In order to get access to the paid content, they need to pay for it within the app, so I can see them in Adalo Portal.
Affiliate program- Founder is not the only person who is selling this Guide but we have co-founders and other people who are working hard for it. I want to establish a way(Code, Name) or something which can clearly tell us from the backend who sold that course and provide them special discounts and I can pay the co-founders their affiliate commission. (Basically, it’s just a track for commission payment).
I don't have to authorization to pass the Guides, Pdf things and Videos to anyone, I hope you understand my situation. You can guide me how to upload and I will do that part.
Please let me know the TIME FRAME and COST of the project.
Hourly Range: $15.00-$30.00

Posted On: May 22, 2023 13:44 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development

Country: Canada

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