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Gambling Development

Role Summary
We are looking for an experienced SEO Content Manager to execute on our content planning and development projects in the online gambling niche. This individual must be familiar with AI applications for SEO content development.
Work within tight deadlines with rapid turnaround times
Manage time and tasks efficiently
Working knowledge of current SEO best practices and EEAT
Working knowledge of seo software – ex: Ahrefs, SEMRush, Surferseo, etc.
Experienced with and/or open to scaling content development via AI
In-depth understanding of SEO Content research and development best practices including but not limited to:
Competitor analysis
Keyword analysis
User type identification
Developing topical content silos
Content guideline development
Manage SEO content development
AI content development
AI Prompt Engineering
Research and develop guidelines for new SEO-optimized content
Publish content on the website (WordPress/custom)
Ensure all content meets our quality standards
Hire new content creators as needed
Manage a team of content creators to create new and update old SEO content
Manage content production according to our content calendar
Follow all guidelines and documentation provided for Spike Up SEO best practices
Track the performance of all content and deliver reports detailing ROI
Plan and prioritize content that delivers the highest ROI
Automate the process of generating SEO-optimized content using ChatGPT, Bing AI, Google's Bard, and other AI tools
Stay updated on the latest developments and trends in AI and SEO
Regularly evaluate AI content generation tools and SEO best practices to stay up-to-date on industry advancements and adopt the latest technologies to improve our content strategy
Develop and maintain clear documentation on AI content generation processes, SEO best practices, and ethical AI standards
5+ years of experience managing/creating SEO content
Previous experience in the online gambling space is a plus
Able to work in a team setting
Strong organizational skills
Fluent in English (Reading, writing, speaking)
Familiar with major US sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football, etc.)
Experience in using ChatGPT, Bing AI, Google's Bard, and other AI tools to generate SEO-optimized content is a plus
Strong attention to detail
Ability to meet deadlines
Agency experience + team management experience is a pro
Dedication is a key
Budget: $5,000

Posted On: May 23, 2023 15:27 UTC
Category: SEO
Skills:AI Content Creation, Content Writing, SEO Writing

Country: United States

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