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I am looking for a developer to integrate Ethereum or polygon token into my gaming website. Specifically, I want to set up a reward system for players who use cryptocurrency.
Ideal Skills and Experiences:
– Experience with Ethereum token integration
– Familiarity with setting up wallets/exchanges
– Understanding of gaming website architecture and payment systems
The customer will provide the necessary wallet/exchange information. However, recommendations for the best wallet/exchange setup are welcome. The main focus of this project is to establish a smooth and efficient reward system for players.
I will summarize, in the server's database a value will be stored in the player's account, which is the token earned in the game called 'NBOT', I just wanted the site to be able to withdraw these coins to her wallet, and that too he could send tokens from his midwife into the game, for the player to send, at the time the transaction takes place, the tokens would leave his wallet and go to mine of course, and automatically that value in tokens that he transferred would be added inside another table called 'NBS'.
NBOT = It is the token that he will earn within the game itself, with events and the things he has.
NBS = And the token in which the player deposits his own token on the site will be used for other purposes to win, or buy extra things that can only be purchased with NBS.
The 2 tokens are different and are stored each in its specific table in each player's account. Any doubt ask me.
Budget: $30

Posted On: May 23, 2023 15:31 UTC
Category: Other Blockchain, NFT & Cryptocurrency
Skills:Ethereum, Smart Contract, JavaScript, PHP, API, HTML, API Integration

Country: Brazil

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