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We are looking for a skilled WordPress developer to enhance and update our tech blog website. The current site is built using the Salient theme so it allows for drag-and-drop customizability. It requires alterations such as the positioning of the logo and navbar, and improvements in terms of adjustment to the layout to have a nice design for the desktop while also, taking into consideration different screen orientations. The salient theme selected has already been imported to the site, what remains is minor alterations and additional pages to complete said site, which will be discussed further below.
Layout Improvement: Amend the layout of the site, for desktop, tablet, and phone.
Main Page Redesign: The main page in the first section should be a high-resolution image with a search field (for blog posts ) or a View All Blogs button (which takes you to page 3 ). The second section should display a list of recent blogs on one side and the most popular blogs according to views on the other side. In the third section, the categories of different blogs should be shown. The layout for the third part has already been created, however, requires alteration such as to be updated dynamically.
Page 2. Create a page where the admin or people given specific permission can access posts and edit blogs. (For editors)
Page 3. Create a page where all users can view all of the blog posts, they can filter and search from there as well. Using the same ui template of the main page, to have continuity.
Page 4. Monitoring Page: For admin only. Check which blog posts on the site are most popular. Which affiliate links were most clicked. Dates/ Months which had the most viewers for a specific blog post or overall views.
Proven work experience as a WordPress developer.
Experience with the Salient theme is preferred.
Ability to manage projects and work independently.
Excellent communication skills
After this job post, additional job posts will be created.
Budget: $50

Posted On: May 23, 2023 17:48 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:WordPress, Blog Content, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress Development

Country: Malta

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