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I have a website that will sell digital and physical goods directly but also via affiliates. It is the affiliate system workflow I would like help with. I haven't confirmed which affiliate software I will use but it is likely to be Ultimate Affiliate Pro, AffiliateWP, EasyAffiliate, Solid Affiliate, Yith or SliceWP.
For my affiliate system, I would like different packages sold on the website to be bundled with specific tiers of affiliate commission (it will be advertised in the shop as such). Only customers who have made a purchase can become affiliates.
For example, the silver package might be sold at $100 and, if purchased, the customer can opt into the "silver" tier affiliate commission, which is the basic commission where they earn 10% on all sales through them.
The gold package might be sold at $150 and the customer can opt into the "gold" tier where they earn 15% commission on all sales through them.
All affiliates can work to unlock the next tier (and bonuses etc) but, as described, they can purchase their way into a higher tier from the start of their journey so they can get a higher return sooner rather than later.
This requires:
1) link items (packages) on wp/woocommerce with specific tiers in the affiliate plugin
2) a checkbox on the woocommerce checkout for customers to agree to enroll as an affiliate
3) automatic enrollment for customers who fill out the relevant info in checkout, select the tickbox and make a purchase of one of the connected packages
Please let me know if you can help with these requirements.
Posted On: May 24, 2023 18:05 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:WordPress Plugin, Web Development, PHP, WooCommerce

Country: United Arab Emirates

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