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We are looking for an experienced full-stack web developer to create a dynamic and user-friendly website that serves as a comprehensive search engine for all clothing brands. The website will feature an integrated chatbot powered by ChatGPT, allowing users to engage in interactive conversations related to clothing brands, fashion trends, and style recommendations.
Design and develop a visually appealing and intuitive user interface for the clothing brand search engine website.
Implement a search functionality that allows users to find information on various clothing brands, including product listings, descriptions, and pricing.
Integrate ChatGPT into the website to provide a conversational AI chatbot experience for users, answering their queries about clothing brands, fashion tips, and more.
Implement affiliate links and advertisements to monetize the website and generate revenue.
Ensure seamless navigation and user experience across different devices and screen sizes.
Implement secure and efficient data management systems for storing and retrieving clothing brand information, user preferences, and chat logs.
Optimize website performance and load times for optimal user experience.
Collaborate with a team of designers, marketers, and content creators to enhance the website's overall functionality and user engagement.
Proven experience as a full-stack web developer, with a strong portfolio showcasing previous website projects.
Proficiency in frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and popular frontend frameworks like React or Vue.js.
Strong knowledge of backend development using a language such as Python or Node.js, along with experience with popular web frameworks like Flask or Express.js.
Familiarity with RESTful APIs and integrating third-party APIs into web applications.
Experience with chatbot development and integration, preferably using ChatGPT or similar conversational AI models.
Knowledge of SEO best practices to optimize website visibility and organic traffic.
Familiarity with affiliate marketing and advertisement integration.
Strong problem-solving skills and ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in a team.
Excellent communication and time management skills.
Ability to meet project deadlines and deliver high-quality work.
This is a remote position, and the candidate should be available to work on a flexible schedule. Please provide examples of previous work and a detailed proposal outlining your approach to building the clothing brand search engine website with ChatGPT integration, including estimated timelines and cost.
Posted On: May 25, 2023 08:47 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:HTML, Java, Graphic Design, Smartphone, Web Development, Web Design, Artificial Intelligence, Adaptive Web Design, Machine Learning, Search Engine Optimization

Country: United States

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