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We are seeking an experienced freelancer to develop a Telegram bot/script/API that aggregates deal posts from various source channels and reposts them to selected destination channels. The bot should also customize the affiliate links associated with the deals. The project can involve developing a script, API, control panel, or software, depending on the freelancer's expertise and recommendation.
**Step-by-step process:**
1. The bot/script/API should allow us to add and manage an unlimited number of source channels (e.g., deal-1, deal-2, deal-3, deal-4, deal-5) where discount deals are regularly posted.
2. We should be able to add and manage an unlimited number of destination channels (e.g., offer-1, offer-2, offer-3, offer-4, offer-5, offer-6) where we want the deals to be reposted.
3. We should have the flexibility to configure specific posting rules, such as:
– Reposting all deals from a selected source channel to one or multiple destination channels (e.g., deal-1 all posts to offer-1, offer-2).
– Reposting specific types of deals (e.g., Amazon links, Myntra links, Flipkart links) from a source channel to one or more destination channels (e.g., deal-1 only Amazon links to offer-1, deal-1 Myntra links to offer-1 and offer-5).
– Reposting multiple source channels to multiple destination channels simultaneously (e.g., deal-4, deal-5, deal-6 all posts to offer-1, offer-2).
4. The bot/script/API should automatically replace the original affiliate tags in the deals' links with our own affiliate tags. Please note that while Amazon provides an official affiliate tag option, we would need to utilize verified websites or companies to generate affiliate links for Flipkart and Myntra.
5. To prevent duplicate deal postings, the bot/script/API should implement a filtering mechanism. If the same deal is posted by multiple source channels within a certain time frame, the bot should identify duplicates and avoid reposting them.
6. The solution should be reliable, efficient, and able to handle a high volume of deal posts in real-time.
7. The bot/script/API should be well-documented, with clear instructions on how to deploy, configure, and maintain the solution.
– Prior experience in developing Telegram bots/scripts/APIs or similar projects.
– Strong understanding of the Telegram API and bot development.
– Proficiency in programming languages suitable for the project (mention the preferred languages, if any).
– Knowledge of affiliate marketing and link customization.
– Excellent problem-solving skills to handle duplicate filtering effectively.
– Ability to deliver a reliable and scalable solution.
– Good documentation skills.
– Fully functional bot/script/API for Telegram deal aggregation and reposting.
– Documentation outlining the installation, configuration, and maintenance process.
– Support during the initial deployment and testing phase.
Please provide a fixed price for this project, including all development and implementation costs. We will evaluate the proposals based on the understanding of the project requirements and the reasonableness of the pricing.
If you have any questions or need further clarification about the project, feel free to reach out to us. We encourage freelancers with a solid understanding of the requirements and a reasonable price proposal to apply.
Thank you for your interest in this project!
( Project description has created from chatgpt to get in good manner to be understandable for freelancers, don't take this like it's professional person looking to hire and you can charge a extra good amount 😁 I'll look at all freelancers and lastly I'll decide who's with good understanding and good price at the same time)
Posted On: May 25, 2023 22:11 UTC
Category: Scripting & Automation
Skills:Dashboard, API, Automation

Country: India

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