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Hello! I am looking for web designers for a unique opportunity to become an affiliate of a simple plugin that my company offers. My company offers a subscription-based widget/plugin for websites that adds a variety of accessibility tools for those with disabilities.
Your bottom line: You can use your existing and future web design clients as leads and each time you get one of them to install our widget, you will earn a recurring 40% commission which is for as long as they keep the widget on their site. There's no hourly requirements, there's no list of tasks, you simply get paid by commission for each client you get to sign up for the widget. You pay nothing and this creates no additional work for you (aside from copy/pasting a line of code). As a bonus, you’d receive the accessibility on your site for free as well. I am NOT looking for you to design my website, I am looking for web designers to become affiliates of my accessibility widget to install on OTHER people's websites.
In the United States (and many other countries), we have laws that require businesses are accessible to those with disabilities. Our collection of laws is called the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and it requires businesses make reasonable accommodations to those with disabilities. While it initially only applied to physical businesses, it has recently extended to business websites as well: (link removed)
So if you have web design clients in the US or countries with similar laws (like the UK) then this is an opportunity for you! While it's not legally required for businesses to have this exact accessibility widget, it is legally required that businesses with websites take steps to ensure their website is accessible to those who are disabled (such as deaf, blind, motor skills, epilepsy, etc) and this widget/plugin is a great first step! Please review our website and the tools the widget offers right here: https://gravityculturemedia.com/
This is an easy sell to clients who are already in the state of mind of investing into their business because the accessibility widget will:
– Reduce their risk of being a target for ADA lawsuits (which are increasing every year in the US)
– Increase their servable customer base because they can now more easily engage with customers with disabilities
– Give them an edge in their marketing as they are more inclusive
– Give them another tax write off as a business expense
To be eligible to be an affiliate you need to:
– Have had at least 10 web design clients in the past year
– Have a portfolio of past projects
– Have had clients based in the United States
– Start your application to this job with the word: "ADA"
Please also include any questions you may have about this process!
Note: The project budget is arbitrary and is actually based on commission.
Contract will also be subject to our affiliate agreement: https://www.gravityculturemedia.com/affiliate-agreement
– Jared
Budget: $1,000

Posted On: May 25, 2023 20:02 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:WordPress, Web Design, Shopify, Web Development

Country: United States

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