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We are looking for a skilled and experienced developer to create a simple mobile webpage to collect signups to Firebase. We will be hiring ASAP, and the first fully operational version of the page must be live no later than June 5, 2023, to allow time for any final adjustments and testing.
We have a big conference coming up on June 12, and I'm hoping we could have a QR code that people scan, and it opens a simple HTML web page that registers them and then asks them to download our app.
You must know how to integrate your webpage with an existing Firebase project and record analytics to Google Analytics. You will need to do a simple web design using our logo.
Please provide a firm cost to develop this per the above specifications. Please send any questions needed for clarification, and we will respond asap. Please also include any suggestions to make this project a success.
We seek candidates who demonstrate their expertise in these areas by providing examples of past completed projects. If you are interested in this project, please submit a proposal outlining your approach, relevant experience, and links to your past work. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on this project.
More details:
We have existing Futter-based web, iPhone, and Android apps with live users and content using the same database.
The project requires the creation of a mobile-optimized HTML webpage that will collect user signups, create the auth in Firebase, and capture additional fields to create a new user record in our existing database of users. The page must be highly performant and usable. It should use HTML / JS for maximum compatibility.
The webpage should be designed to be visually appealing, easy to use, and optimized for mobile devices. It should be responsive and compatible with all major devices and screen sizes.
Since the page will collect PII, the page and Firebase integration must follow best practices for handling sensitive user information and adhere to data protection regulations.
You must also provide documentation on how the page is built, how to modify it, and how it integrates with and is hosted in the existing Firebase project and all data.
You will be responsible for putting the page life and ensuring it works end-to-end from the user-facing URL to complete the signup. It should be hosted within our Firebase/Google Cloud account, such as at a subdomain of our primary domain (e.g., the URL could be https://signup.[domain].com&source=bcb).
The page should:
– Have our logo at the top (to be provided)
– Use our color scheme and font
– Have a link to our terms & conditions page
– State in small print before the submit button that "Information you provide on this page will be used to register you for the application and to provide you with relevant Information. Your entries on this page may also be shared with our partner collecting your signup at this event to consider you for partnership opportunities." (This text should be easy to edit for future events.)
– Register the user (email/password, Apple, Facebook, or Google login) and create a new Authentication record in Firebase.
– Collect the "source" from a variable on the URL (e.g., &source=bcb)
– Collect first name, last name, zip code, and bar name (where they work)–these fields can be left blank by the user, but we would like to ask for them.
– Create a new "contributor" record in the Firestore database to record the above (name, zip, bar name, and source) using the existing field format. (See below).
These can be simple text fields with a submit button
Then it would show a confirmation page asking them to download the iPhone or Android app to continue setting up their profile and recipes.
Proposed details for database entries for the contributor record:
Fields for the form and to use in the contributor record in Firestore:
Make a new contributor record with an auto-assigned ID.
Add a new field as in the contributor record called "source" as a (map): with label event=bcb (this would come from &source=bcb on the webpage URL so we can put different sources at future events). I made this a map so we can add this to other signups in the future, such as if another user refers the user, we could put source=(map): referral=other contributorid
date_created as the current timestamp in the form of a string, e.g., 2023-05-26T19:38:09.000
First name: Create field first_name = [entered value] in the contributor record
Last name: Create field last_name = [entered value] in the contributor record
Zip code–Create map address_data with label zipCode = [entered value] in contributor record
Name of the bar where you work or your business–put in a new map in the contributor called affiliated=(map): bar=[entered value]. In the future, we might have multiple or different kinds of entries here.
Posted On: May 26, 2023 20:17 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Google Analytics, Web Development, Web Design, Firebase

Country: United States

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