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We are looking for a skilled developer to help us build an integrated NFT minting, e-commerce community management platform. This is a short-term project with a duration of 1 to 3 months.
The ideal candidate should possess expertise in Ecommerce, Blockchain Security, API Integration, Blockchain Architecture, Blockchain Development, Ethereum, JavaScript, PHP, Solidity, Web Development, and other relevant skills.
We are interested in exploring the option to build out the platform using or or
Pleaser reference your views and or experience on using any of these tools.
Additionally, the candidate should have a strong understanding of blockchain security and API integration.
These are the core functions we are wanting to build create in the platform:
1. **NFT Launchpad**:
– Minting of NFTs on multiple EVM compatible blockchains.
– Integration with wallet services for transactions.
– Smart contract templates for easy deployment.
– User-friendly interface for configuring and deploying NFT projects.
2. **Web3 Referral Affiliate Program**:
– Smart contract-based referral tracking and reward system.
– Integration with NFT projects for referral rewards.
– User interface for tracking referrals and rewards.
3. **Ecommerce Payments ([](, [](**:
– Integration with wallet services for crypto payments.
– Support for credit/debit card payments.
– Ecommerce platform for listing and purchasing NFTs.
4. **Token Gating**:
– Smart contract-based token gating for members-only access.
– Integration with NFTs for access control.
– User interface for managing gated content and access.
5. **Token Gating for Discord and Telegram (**:
– Integration with Discord and Telegram APIs for token gating.
– Smart contract templates for managing access control on these platforms.
– User interface for managing gated groups and access.
The primary responsibility of the developer will be to develop this NFT minting platform that can be integrated with e-commerce and community management features.
To be considered for this role, please submit a proposal outlining your relevant experience and how you can help us achieve our project goals. We also encourage you to share links to your past completed projects that showcase your skills and experience in this field.
Please share how many hours you would estimate to build out each of the 5 sections, using existing smart contract templates and code libraries, and even "no code" tools listed above. Whatever would enable the rapid development of a least an MVP.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Hourly Range: $15.00-$50.00

Posted On: May 26, 2023 01:17 UTC
Category: Blockchain & NFT Development
Skills:Ethereum, Blockchain Architecture, Blockchain Security, Blockchain Development, Solidity, Web Development, JavaScript, API Integration, PHP, Ecommerce

Country: Singapore

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