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Develop and setup Global eCommerce Web and Mobile Application.
a. Customise existing Web And Apps for (Customer, Seller & Driver. Etc) Developer setup all purchases webs, apps and all add-on and customise as per client’s requirements (describe below) for Setting up the multivendor application ‘OMKAN’, also integrate delivery facility globally.
Developer setup multivendor application (OMKAN) for running the global ecommerce business and deliver globally without any error. The Application will be installed, as per company guidelines. The developer ensures that the appropriate products including add-ons are purchased in order to run the application commercially. Developer also fix all the pages and features as per client requirements.
b. The application should be location-based.
c. Global delivery facility by using built-in delivery and connect third-party delivery companies. Initially connect 5/6 delivery companies in different countries, payment gateways and SMS gateways.
d. Customise Logo, Image optimisation, n… .number of categories and subcategories, addons, variant based variables to accommodate product ranges, UI
e. The Users (Customer, Seller, driver and other users) can withdraw the Wallet balance to his bank account or recharge using cards/bank. Wallet to Wallet transfer using NFC, QR Code, Recharge using debit and credit cards. Payment request
f. Pre-order facility – Customer order goes to store/seller as edit mode. So Store/Seller users can edit anything in the order page including delivery information, as well as alternative product offer, Once the store/seller returns the order to the customer. Customer accept and pay or reject the order.
g. Seek product(s) facility – Will describe during our conversation.
h. Create/Setup business account pages under Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube for selling my website's products and target-based advertisement as well as organic posts to social medias, and display google adds in the website and capable to provide adds in the google.
i. Affiliate products can be displayed in my website/application from marketplaces. Also, option to generate and provide my website's products affiliate link for the third parties.
j. Connect/Integrate OMKAN Application with marketplaces like Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Etc. for selling the products.
k. Maintain one Inventory for instantly intelligent pricing and stock updates, automate orders and tracking updates.
l. Automate the Drop-Shipping orders.
m. Setup, customize with our all requirements and Publish android and IOS apps.
n. Application (Web & App) display stores location-based as well as advert and others.
o. Server — AWS Cloud Sever. If we setup different server, later you will be responsible to migrate complete software application to AWS, when requested.
p. Complete Backup (web and mobile applications) should be maintained in server, and restore facility should be available, which must be described to client.
q. Developer will do needful customization, modification, and addition for running the application smoothly without any error.
r. Product-wise commission: Commission apply product-wise % or Flat amount).
s. System Default Currency- Please ensure Purchase and upload products currency depends on current location currency.
t. Forward and backwards Issues.
u. Order Level: Category serially Placing as per order level/requirement.
v. ‘Wholesale Products’: Similar like ‘Women Clothing & Fashion’ page.
w. Etc.
Budget: $2,000

Posted On: May 26, 2023 01:25 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Website Development
Skills:PHP, Flutter

Country: United Kingdom

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