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There are two main high-level goals: The first is to refresh the Vital-Side LLC website to make the layout more simple, easy to read / interact with on both desktop and mobile (mobile being a priority), with some new features and functionality (like video for example). The new website theme will ideally be a cost effective common theme, from shopify thats modified to be faster, look and feel as sleek as possible, and match our branding. We would like to see some mock up’s for this. The new site should also be a good foundation to be able to add new features and modules easily (like new product pages, a customer quiz, affiliates, client referrals etc.) as we grow. Ideally we will continue to work with the same professional into the future on this site.
The second main goal is related to integrations. Currently, Customers of the site either buy subscriptions (which is usually an online course that is hosted on Mighty Networks), or they can buy a one time product outright (This is usually a meditation or future products we will be launching, like essential oils for example). Today all customers, weather they are buying a subscription or they are buying a one time product are going through a clunky and redundant process we would like to improve. The process today is 1. Customer purchases a subscription via Paywhirl in Shopify, 2. A Zap is triggered from Shopify to Mighty Networks, 3. An automated email gets triggered in Klaviyo, and the customer gets added to a list, 4. The customer joins the course and cohort by clicking an email link and signing up to Mighty Networks. .
Some of the key issues we want to address here include:
Shopping cart functionality: new customers are re-directed out to a sign up page when they try to make a purchase which instead should happen easily as as part tof the purchase flow. Additionaly, customers probably shouldnt havve to sign-up to anything if they are just wanting to buy a non-subscription product, and we just capture there information automatically in the purchase process. Also the billing address auto-fill seems outdated, clunky and slow.
T’s + C’s: In the current flow, customers are having to accept terms and conditions multiple times and in multiple places. Acceptance of terms should only happen once at the end of the buying process.
Course Access: Once credit card payment is made, and order confirmation pops up, the customer is not currently shown a link or path of any kind, to get to the course they just purchased. They currently have to wait for emails to be triggered and sent to their inbox which is frustrating.
Welcome Email order: Currently the customer receives a Pay-Whirl account creation email first, with no course access information. The course access email from Klaviyo comes after which is not ideal.
Double sign-up. Once the customer finds the link to the course in they’re inbox they, click it are are then are brought to Mighty Networks where they are asked to create another username and password (after already creating one on shopify in the purchase process). Ideally we would find a way for the customer to only have to sign up once, ideally signing up to Mighty Networks in the purchase process.
The goal will be to complete this work in June by the 21st, ahead of new SEO optimization and launch of a new course at the end of the month. (reboot course launching on 30th of June). Regarding design, I have plenty of examples of web site inspirations that can be shared.
Hourly Range: $20.00-$60.00

Posted On: May 26, 2023 19:54 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Web Design, Web Development, Mockup, Graphic Design, Shopify Apps, Zapier, Klaviyo, Canva

Country: United States

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